I have the 16gb Nexus 7, 13.24gb of which is available for me to use. Under the storage section in settings, it says I have 1.26gb of apps, 5.81gb of pictures and videos, 200kb of audio, and 8.5mb of downloads. That totals just over 7gb of used storage. If you subtract that from 13.24, I should have about 6gb of free storage. However, it says I only have 1gb remaining. My computer also says that it only has 1gb free.

The weird thing is that the little graph/bar at the top of the storage section under settings shows me having almost half of my storage free, which is how it should be. So the numbers and my computer say that I only have 1gb remaining, but the graph says I have 6gb.

Since the graph says I have more storage, I tried putting a 2gb movie on it, but my computer said there was not enough free space.
Is this a software bug that will require a reset or something, or is there just a massive file somewhere that isn't showing up on the graph?

If you have any info, please respond ASAP! Thanks in advance!